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Deep Plane Neck Lift

Also known as Platysmaplasty, Lower rhytidectomy

A Neck Lift is a cosmetic treatment that tightens and tones the skin on the neck. It can help improve the appearance of a double chin, sagging skin, and wrinkles.


How much does Neck Lift cost?

Surgical Time

1.5 - 2 hours



Day Case



Local anaesthetic OR General anaesthetic

Time off work

2 weeks

Time before showering

48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions

Patients can typically have a neck lift performed and go home the same day.

Patients can have the procedure under local anaesthetic & sedation or can be asleep with a general anaesthetic. 

The incision for a neck lift is directly under the chin to deal with the bands at the front of the neck and the fat, and an incision just under the ear that extends to the groove behind the ear that helps deal with the loose skin.

When patients come into the clinic, our UK-trained plastic surgeon makes a full assessment of the patient. 

This includes any relevant history, including reasons for surgery and a thorough examination of the neck and lower part of the face. 

Part of this process is explaining to the patients what can be done, why, and what to expect, based on each patients’ anatomy and suitability for each type of neck lift.

Patients who either do not have or have never had the angle between the jawline and the neck (cervico-mental angle). 

Colloquially, this may be known as a turkey neck. There may be volume from fat under the chin. 

If there is minimal fat, the ageing process may mean that there is loose skin with bands running across the front of the neck, typically from the chin to the collarbones.  

Some patients may have a genetic predisposition to this (Young people with necks) or most commonly, age-related loosening of the skin.

Patients tend to notice an immediate improvement in the neck both in terms of the area feeling tighter in comparison to how lose it was, and fewer creases in the skin. 

The swelling after surgery occurs for the first 48 hours and after this stage, it improves. 

We see patients one week after surgery to check on the patients and remove any visible stitches. By 2 weeks patients feel brighter and fresher. 

Once safe, patients are let out of the clinic with close follow up arranged to ensure improvements would happen as anticipated.

One alternative to a surgical lip lift is the use of fillers which may be either synthetic which is temporary or use of natural ones such as fat. 

This can provide a method to deal with the lost volume but does not adequately address the increased distance between the base of the nose and lip.

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We now offer surgery at multiple locations. Get your surgery done at a clinic close to you. Wherever you go we offer the same level of care and treatment.

Kliniken - Harrogate

Address: The Pine, Oakwood Park Business Centre, Fountains Road Harrogate HG3 3BF

Parking: Yes

Day Case: Yes

The Lake Clinic - Doncaster

Address: 104 Throne Road Doncaster DN2 5BJ

Parking: Yes

Day Case: Yes


Why Choose Kliniken for Neck Lift Surgery

Discuss your needs

Discuss your needs

Generous hour long consultations to discuss your needs

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Innovative approach

Innovative approach

Natural and innovative approach to treatments

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Helps you rest and recuperate

Helps you rest and recuperate

Country side and clean air helps you rest and recuperate

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Same clinician

Same clinician

Same clinician assigned to your from start to finish of the process

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Attentive care

Attentive care

Personalised and attentive care throughout the surgery

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Privacy and Discretion

Privacy and Discretion

Privacy and discretion of our clients is paramount

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