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Introduction Kliniken

Independent Healthcare Centre

Specialising in Deep Plane Face and Neck lift procedures, Liposuction, Surgeries for Breast & Body and Advanced Aesthetic Procedures.

Treatment for Joint Pain

For updated information and details regarding joint pain procedures, please visit the new dedicated website at This new platform offers comprehensive insights into various treatment options, providing a user-friendly interface for your convenience. Our commitment to your care remains our priority.

Our Accreditations

Personalised treatment plans

Our team of UK-trained, GMC registered Surgeons use the most advanced techniques and technologies to develop personalised treatment plans for each patient. This means that patients receive tailored care that is specific to their individual needs, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Access to the latest & most effective treatments

Our commitment to using modern techniques and cutting-edge treatments means that patients have access to the latest and most effective treatments available. This ensures that they receive the highest level of care possible and have the best chance for a positive health outcome.

Enhanced Patient Experience

We provide patients with a more comfortable and convenient experience. This includes shorter treatment times, reduced recovery periods, and fewer side effects.

We believe that compassionate care goes hand in hand with exceptional medical treatment that's why our team of caring staff are always at hand every, step of the way.

We have solutions for

Face & NeckBreastBodyHandsLower LimbsJointsFat GraftingSkinNon Surgical


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