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Breast Uplift Surgery

Also known as: Breast mastopexy, Mastopexy, Breast lift

A breast uplift is a surgical method to raise and reshape sagging breasts. The operation involves the removal of excess skin, repositioning the nipple and areola, and the tightening of the surrounding tissue to support the new breast contour.


How much does Breast Uplift cost?

Surgical Time

2 - 2.5 hours



Day Case

Yes/ Occasionally overnight stay


General anaesthetic

Time off work

2 weeks

Time before showering

48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions

Patients can typically have a breast uplift performed and go home the same day, with occasionally an overnight stay required.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic where the patient is put to sleep.

The incision most commonly is around the nipple, extends straight down to the breast crease and then runs in this crease to both the inside and outside of the chest.

Occasionally, patients may have a tube inserted to drain away fluid after surgery. The wounds are dressed to ensure the nipples can be checked for blood supply.

After surgery, the patient is placed into medical-grade compression bras to support the breasts.

Typically patients have had a child or children how are exclusively breastfeeding (Late 20’s, early 30’s) or as they have got older noticed the droopiness (mid 40’s).

The volume in the breast may be good in a bra, but out of it, the breast looks hollower at the top and the nipple is nearer the bottom of the breast and pointing downward.

When clients come into the clinic, our UK trained plastic surgeon with expert knowledge makes a full assessment.

The surgeon establishes reasons sought for surgery and what the client hopes to achieve as an end result.
As a part of the assessment process, the surgeon will establish the amount of available breast tissue & skin and the type of lift each individual patient would benefit from.

Measurements are taken to provide a more specific approach to planning and surgery. 

This helps us to provide a more scientific approach that can help the patients visualise the final effect.

It is important for the patient to be appropriately counselled to understand the whole process including surgery and recovery process after surgery. 

Patients are given at least 2 weeks to make a considered decision and only once both patient and surgeons, are happy does the patient proceed to surgery.

Patients are put in a support bra immediately after surgery to help support the change.

As soon as they are comfortable, patients will be able to notice the change in shape. 

There will be some swelling but there should not be any pain.

Once ready, patients can go home with pre-booked follow up appointments.

Some patients may have support bra’s and avoid situations where they may have to be naked.

Surgically, some patients may have tried thread lifts, similar to those used in the face but this tends to last for a few months.

For patients with very little droopiness but lost volume, some may be suitable for augmentation rather than a breast uplift.

If a combination of volume loss and droopiness, those patients may be more suitable for an augmentation & mastopexy.

Those with good volume but more droopiness, a breast uplift is most likely to be suitable.

Depending on the amount of extra skin, different incisions can be used such as around the nipple only, the nipple and straight line down the breast or one that includes an incision under the breast.


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Why Choose Kliniken for Breast Uplift

Discuss your needs

Discuss your needs

Generous hour long consultations to discuss your needs

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Innovative approach

Innovative approach

Natural and innovative approach to treatments

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Helps you rest and recuperate

Helps you rest and recuperate

Country side and clean air helps you rest and recuperate

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Same clinician

Same clinician

Same clinician assigned to your from start to finish of the process

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Attentive care

Attentive care

Personalised and attentive care throughout the surgery

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Privacy and Discretion

Privacy and Discretion

Privacy and discretion of our clients is paramount

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