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Arthroscopy and Repair

Also known as: Keyhole joint surgery

Arthroscopy and Repair is a surgical procedure that is used to diagnose and treat problems with the knee joint. This surgery can be used to repair a torn meniscus, remove debris from the joint, or trim loose cartilage. Arthroscopy and Repair is a minimally invasive surgery, and it typically requires only a small incision.


How much does Arthroscopy and Repair cost?

Surgical Time

1.5 hours


£5,000- £6,500

Day Case



Local Anaesthetic & sedation OR General anaesthetic

Time off work

1 week

Time before showering

48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions

Arthroscopy means 'looking into a joint' with a camera. This procedure allows the surgeon to examine the knee joint without having to open the completely.

Patients can have a Arthroscopy and Repair performed and go home the same day. Patients can have the procedure under local anaesthetic & sedation or with a general anaesthetic.

Arthroscopy of the knee tends to be useful if patients have not improved using simple measures only. Performing this allows for assessment & treatment of a range of knee issues including:

· Damaged meniscus

· Damaged anterior cruciate ligament

· Inflamed synovial tissue

· Damaged articular cartilage

· Fragments of bone or cartilage

· Kneecap (patellar) problems

· Infection of the knee joint

Patients are seen face to face in the clinic and assessed by orthopaedic and plastics consultants to assess the joints and suitability for treatment.

Appropriate testing is organised and dealt with to guide the decision-making process, with patients kept up to date of the progress.

Patients will notice a feeling of swelling in the joint, due to the fluids used to look at the joint.

Patients are assessed for safety before discharge and let out with close follow up appointments booked to ensure improvements.

Swelling following surgery increases for the first 48 hours, during which time it is advisable to sleep with extra pillows under the affected leg for this time.

The areas where incisions are made are covered with showerproof dressings to protect them.

We see patients one week after surgery to check on them and remove any visible stitches.

By 2 weeks patients will have very little swelling and healed wounds.

Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that can help reduce inflammation. Alternatives to treatment include steroids to reduce inflammation.

However, steroid injections can only be repeated a handful of times and can potentially affect surgery when doing a joint replacement.


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Simple Process

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Great Location

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Personal Touch

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Attentive Care Plan

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